Old Barn Home   Thank You for Your Service!  Thank You!

We truly appreciate the Service of all our Actors, Directors, Sponsors and Volunteers who do so much to help us produce good Family Entertainment.

Actors, Directors, Sponsors and Volunteers are normally recognized in our show programs.

This page is dedicated to the Service of individuals who donate their time and efforts to coordinate the work of others to provide much needed facilities improvements to
The Old Barn Community Theatre.

Contact Lynn Martineau or any other Board Member to organize a Service Project.

Thank you for being a friend of the Old Barn Community Theatre. 
Together we can continue to provide great family entertainment for our community
and opportunities for local talent.

Young Women Medallion

Kim Purcell
Painting Bathrooms

Kayla Petersen
Painting Bathrooms

Eagle Scout Project
Jordan Argyle
Replaced Theatre Seats

Stephen Gregory
Remodeling Dressing Rooms

Ryan Martineau
Painting Seating Risers

Matthew Perry
Cement Pad and Handicap Handrails

Matthew Profaizer
Painting Lobby & Hallway

Brent Smith
Installing the Sign at the top of the Hill

Landon Mickelson
Cleaning Seats for Installation

Nathan Evans
Insulating the HVAC Ductwork

Josh Jensen
Repairing and reinstalling
the Sign at the top of the hill

Joseph Richardson
Building Safety Step and Prop Shelving

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