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A message from The Board of Directors

Old Barn HomeDear Patrons and Friends,
Above all, we thank you for your wonderful support and for being here for this performance.  We could not do this without you.  Thank you so much.

It was Christmas in 1998 that The Old Barn Community Theatre first opened its doors.  The very first production was “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”.   Now it has been 15 years since that first show.  For 15 wonderful years, and in 72 unique productions, talented individuals, too numerous to count, have donated energy, time and financial assistance to this incredible project.

In that time we have taken our audience to the Midwest prairies and to the Austrian Alps.  We have traveled along the Yellow Brick Road and up the Mississippi River.  We have flown with Peter, danced with Cinderella and played the trumpet with a band of boys.  We have experienced the intensity of a jury room and the laughter of a beauty parlor.  We’ve traveled to ancient Egypt, the tunnels of New York, and to places and lands of pure imagination.  We have spent time in lonesome mountain cabins, enchanted castles and in homes seeing real life at work .  We have looked at families, both rich and poor, laughed with them and cried with them.  We have sung the songs of Disney, laughed at the stories of Dr. Seuss and felt the joy as Scrooge redeems himself.  On our stage we have danced in the rain, sung in the snow, and bounced in our seats as we were taken back in time with music from days gone by.

Our goal, for 15 years, has been to take you to a different time and place with each visit.  We have wanted to be a theatre where you could bring your family and for two hours or so,  leave “life” behind and travel with us to someplace new.  Next to a river, in an Old Barn, in the middle of nowhere, that is sometimes too cold and sometimes too hot and where we always pray the bathrooms will work, we have tried to bring a taste of Broadway—a taste of live theatre to you.  We hope you have found our attempts successful.

Now we begin what we hope will be many more years  of fun, laughter and memories.  Wherever our talented directors, actors and technicians choose to take you—COME ALONG—and enjoy the journey.  It wouldn’t be nearly as fun without  YOU, our wonderful and supportive patrons.  We want you to feel that The Old Barn Community Theatre is YOUR theatre.   Thank you once again.  Together, let’s see the magic that lies ahead.


The Old Barn Community Theatre, Inc.

Board of Directors

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Old Barn!

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